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This is a non-profit ministry that is a labor of love. I'd love to involve as many people as I can in this ministry. Everything is provided free of charge, and like anything in the body of Christ, it requires the body working together--a hand, a foot, a mouth, etc. Donations toward shipping are appreciated.

You can help by:
  • Donating toward the shipping of crosses to missionaries around the nation who go locally and internationally.
  • Passing on the word to local and foreign missionaires, including VBS workers, mission trip coordinators, long-term missionaries, etc.
  • Offering to help transport bags crosses to forego shipping costs of the bulky bags.  (No fee is charged for crosses.)
The crosses have been used for various purposes:
  • attached to badges at a homeless shelter
  • given to children for VBS crafts projects
  • passed out to people in other countries by missionaries
  • thrown out to children from a church float at a Christmas parade in lieu of candy! 
  • a family blessing funeral visitors with a cross as a gift

Feel free to use the crosses to support the ministry that the Lord has given you to do, and use the crosses freely to spread God's love aCross the world!

Let's just see what the Lord is up to!!!!

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  1. Hi, I would appreciate a bag of your cross' as I visit many nursing home, assisted living and senior developments here in Pa. Yes I can make a small but reasonable donation. How do I go about ordering from you. Thank you, Ray.